a law unto

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a law unto (oneself)

One who does whatever they desire, ignoring the rules and regulations. If you need to delegate, I wouldn't ask Gina—she is a law unto herself, and it's hard to persuade her to do anything she's not interested in. How many times has Jason been arrested now? Geez, he sure is a law unto himself!
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law unto

A phrase used to describe someone who acts independently of what is normal or expected. Julie has always marched to the beat of her own drum. She's a law unto herself.
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a law unto (oneself)

A totally independent operator: An executive who is a law unto herself.
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Phil Bardsley, who was pictured on his back in a casino draped in PS50 notes looked to be a law unto himself.
"Senior police officers are not a law unto themselves and should not think they have a monopoly of wisdom.
But as far as football matters are concerned in this country the FA are the law, so you can say yes, they are a law unto themselves.
MANAGER David Moyes may be back in front of Football Association disciplinary bosses early than he anticipated after labelling officials at Soho Square as "a law unto themselves".
Lake approvingly noted: "In peacekeeping and other efforts at conflict resolution, we are literally making case law every day." Which was a stark admission that the oligarchy running UN operations, despite their sanctimonious appeals to "democracy" and "the rule of law," are really a law unto themselves.
Local vet Bill Carstairs said: "The sheep are a law unto themselves.