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I made a joke earlier in this column about being a latchkey kid.
I remember being a Latchkey Kid when I was seven or eight years old, in the second grade," said Wayne Irving II, CEO of Iconosys.
Scardino, whose mother died when he was 11, was a latchkey kid from a gang-ridden neighborhood in Venice Beach.
Seth Davis was a latchkey kid growing up in Brooklyn.
Meanwhile, don't count out Morgause, who, were she alive today, would be the woman in a corporation who betrays all womanhood by getting ahead through sex and slander; she raises Mordred (he being the medieval version of a latchkey kid and Morgaine the Arthurian equivalent of a working mom) to be evil, just like her.
He was raised a latchkey kid in a broken home and considers himself blessed to have had baseball intercede as a benevolent baby sitter.