a kindred spirit

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a kindred spirit

A person who shares several fundamental beliefs, ideas, convictions, sentiments, attitudes, or interests with oneself. It didn't take long to figure out that John is a kindred spirit, and we've been the closest of friends ever since we met.
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kindred spirit

Also, kindred soul. An individual with the same beliefs, attitudes or feelings as oneself. For example, Dean and I are kindred spirits when it comes to spending money-we're both tight. [Mid-1800s]
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kindred spirit, a

A soulmate; a person very like oneself in temperament, views, likes, and dislikes. Used since the mid-nineteenth century and sometimes put as kindred soul, the expression appears in one of George Eliot’s letters of 1849: “You won’t find any kindred spirits at Plongeon.”
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THE DAY THE SUNSHINE ENDS Thirty years ago I was lost and lonely Drifting aimlessly; life without purpose Then I met you You changed me in so many ways You gave me new hope You brought love into my life My dark emptiness was transformed Sunshine embraced me The void of love began to fill Filling day by day Each day you added a little more Each day I loved you a little more I lived for your voice; for your smile I looked in your eyes; a kindred spirit I saw the real you; the hidden you I saw beyond your protective mask It only made me love you more I hope for many more years together Our separation far in the distance For life without you has no meaning That would surely be The day the sunshine ends David Wyatt, Hipswell Highway, Coventry..
ROTHES boss Rab Mulheron has found a kindred spirit in his bid to escape bottom spot in the Highland League - Jimmy Calderwood.
An invaluable testimony especially recommended as the experience of a kindred spirit for anyone seeking understanding during their own long journey to recovery from the trauma of abuse.
Fans of Neil Gaiman's American Gods may find a kindred spirit in this novel.
As a kindred spirit, her story could have been my story.
De Kock said: ``I'm proud an innovative international company such as Betfair has recognised a kindred spirit in our company, and I regard the agreement as a vote of confidence on the future of South African racing.''
At the museum, Paolo, the ship museum's curator, overcomes his dread of his German visitor (by September 1943, the Germans were no longer allies of Italy but occupiers) and discovers a kindred spirit in Klaus, who is also bewitched by the ships.
If you want: to hear a sad poem written by a kindred spirit, press 2.
Given Debord's notorious contempt for contemporary art, it is hard to say with any certainty what he would have made of the head-on work of British artist Mark Leckey, but one can't help feeling that he might have (begrudgingly) acknowledged in him a kindred spirit. Part drifter, part dandy, part flaneur-artiste, Leckey is the author of no more than a handful of works, which ruminate--with an incongruously Proustian melancholia--on the social, emotional, and spiritual fabric of contemporary British youth culture.
Irresistibly drawn to the story--"It's about passion; it's about obsession," she exclaims--Nanin also found in De Acosta a kindred spirit. "There are so many different things I find in common with this woman.
In Niko Neville finds a kindred spirit, a catalyst who's own journey toward resolution and self-discovery is a source of inspiration and hope.
When I was at Yale in the seventies, Dostoevsky was only a hairy grad student growing turnips in the basement of our New Haven high-rise, a kindred spirit with whom I soon bonded.
Tacitus finds a kindred spirit in Machiavelli, who discovered much of value in his predecessor's analysis of how both ruler and ruled deceive themselves and one another as they are corrupted by power.
Striving for a kindred spirit, even for a short time, seems to be the most important point in the choreographer's conception.
Olive Chancellor, a Boston feminist in the 1870s, thinks she has found a kindred spirit in Verena Tarrant, a beautiful young woman who, though passive and indecisive, is a spellbinding orator for women's rights.