a household name/word

household name

A person, product, company, brand, etc., that has become widely popular or commonly known. Known for its reliable and affordable household appliances, the company has been a household name for over three decades. I knew that winning at the Olympics would change my life, but I didn't realize that I would become a household name!
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household word

A particular term or concept that has become widely popular or commonly known. Due to the widespread adoption of mobile technology, "smartphone" has become a household word. Our country was so badly hit by the economic recession that "austerity measures" were suddenly household words.
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*a household name

 and *a household word
Fig. well known by everyone; commonly and widely known. (*Typically: be ~; become ~; make something ~.) I want my invention to become a household word. Some kid named Perry Hodder has become a household name!
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a household name

COMMON If a someone or something is a household name, they are famous or known by many people. In one week, I will have become a household name to every man on Earth. They aim to make Tesco a household name in their country.
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a ˌhousehold ˈname/ˈword

a name/word that is extremely well known: The business she founded made her into a household name.Microsoft is a household name.
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household word

A very familiar saying, person, or thing. Although this term was perhaps originated by Shakespeare, it did not come into common use until the nineteenth century. Occasionally it is used derisively.
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