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A hot spot of white fly and two hot spots of Jassid were reported from Okara.
of Aphid, a hot spot of armyworm, and one Mealy Bug hot spot
10-13), you learned that Yellowstone National Park sits on a hot spot, a place where magma rises through Earth's crust.
When a plume reaches the ceiling formed by Earth's crust, it becomes a hot spot and fuels volcanic activity.
Since SX[T.sup.LAOS] has a hot spot that is identical to R391, we show evidence for a possible independent emerging of SX[T.sup.LAOS].
A simple wall section will cool freely from all surfaces, but by adding a section (forming a T), a hot spot is created at the junction, and it will cool like a wall that is 50% larger.
Illegal activities remained undetectable by anyone passing through the area, thereby creating a hot spot. The guardians were unable to view the area and engage in surveillance.
Crime-specific analysis and crime prevention surveys can systematically appraise the social and geographic features of a hot spot and safe haven.
By using two observations 411/42 years apart they were able to show that the X-ray "star" brightens and dims 13.3 times a second as a hot spot spins in and out of view.
One hot spot of white fly, three hot spots of Aphid and a hot spot of armyworm were reported from Muzaffargarh.
Astronomers have for the first time discerned a hot spot on the surfaces of three of these cosmic oddities.
Observations suggest that once every 3.09 days, as it whips around a star called HD 179949, the planet generates a hot spot in the star's atmosphere.
Yet preserving a hot spot or two may not adequately protect these creatures, which migrate long distances.
Galileo sees a hot spot at the same location as the plume, as well as a dimmer spot where Voyager had previously glimpsed a plume.
Geoscientists recognize these volcanic islands as the current location of a hot spot that once lay beneath Newfoundland.