a hot potato

hot potato

A sensitive situation or controversial issue that is difficult to handle and thus gets passed from one person to the next (like a potato that is too hot to hold). The political candidate knew the issue was a hot potato, so he deferred to his chief of staff, who directed questions to the committee chairperson.
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a hot potato

COMMON If a subject or problem is a hot potato, it is very difficult to deal with, especially because it is something that people argue about a lot. When she is faced with a political hot potato such tightening the gun laws, she is not afraid to give her opinion. Pricing policy is another hot potato.
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a hot poˈtato

(informal) a very sensitive matter that is difficult or embarrassing to deal with: His resignation is a political hot potato.
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b) crack up and say, "I'll go after my big brother Brian--he's the one who sings along every time Clay Aiken's 'Invisible' comes on the radio." c) You drop the mic like a hot potato. Sing in front of all the relatives?
Pop a hot potato cake on each plate, then a couple of rashers of crispy bacon and top with a poached egg.