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even Homer (sometimes) nods

Even the most scrupulous and exact person may fall victim to mistakes and errors. An allusion to the Greek poet Homer, whose epic poems contain several apparent errors in continuity. The film is without a doubt the filmmaker's masterpiece, despite a minor plot hole in the third act—even Homer nods, after all. Now, even Homer sometimes nods, to be sure, but any errors in this matter, no matter how small, could cost the company millions.
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1. slang In baseball or softball, a home run (a hit that allows the batter to round all four bases and score a run, almost always because the ball was hit out of the ball park in fair territory). If he hits a homer, we'll win the game.
2. slang A sports fan who ardently (and often blindly or irrationally) supports the hometown team(s). Oh, that guy's a real homer—he'll tell you all the reasons why his team is going to make the playoffs, even though they're currently last in the standings.

Homeric nod

A continuity error in a work of fiction. An allusion to the Greek poet Homer, whose epic poems contain several apparent errors in continuity. Though the film is being heralded by many as the director's masterpiece, there is a Homeric nod towards the end that is undeniably jarring.
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1. n. a home run in baseball. Wilbur hit one homer after another.
2. tv. & in. to hit a home run. Wilbur homered another one and brought in two runs with him.
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Mets second baseman Cano smacked a homer off Washington Nationals ace Max Scherzer in his first time at bat for the visiting Mets.
Ruth lost a homer in the fourth when his liner hit the screen.
Howard, who had gone the entire post-season without a homer until this match, said his big-game dreams came true.
Gowdy, a 24-year-old catcher who batted .243 with three homers in 1914, his first full season, terrorized the A's in the four-game set, batting .545 with five walks, three doubles, a triple and a homer, and he made his hits in big situations.
Craig Stammen pitched 6 1-3 innings to earn his first major league victory in the first game without a homer at the new Yankee Stadium.
That same night, one of the other Marlins kids--short-stop Alex Gonzalez--ended the game with a homer of his own in the bottom of the 12th.
2007 -- Seattle's Ichiro Suzuki went 3-for-6 with a homer in his 1,000th major league game.
Davis, who had started Cincinnati off on a winning note with a homer in his first Game 1 at-bat, wasn't around to celebrate the triumph at the finish.
He hit only .217 without a homer in April, went .263 with eight blasts in May and then batted over .300 for the next three months, eventually finishing at .285.
But in the World Series against Connie Mack's Athletics, Gowdy went 6-for-11 (.545), including three doubles, a triple, a homer and five walks, to spur the Braves' sweep.
Ethier is now batting .250 and has not hit a homer without Ramirez in the lineup.
He allowed his only run in the sixth on a homer by Manny Ramirez, who struck out in his first two at-bats.
Crosby went to the opposite field with a homer over the right field wall off Giants pitcher Takahiko Nomaguchi, and Hannahan tied the game with a 430-foot blast just below the scoreboard in center field.