a home truth

home truth

An uncomfortable or unpleasant fact, especially one that is hard to hear or acknowledge. Often used in the plural. After growing tired of Paul's constant complaining, Jana decided to tell him a few home truths about his bad attitude.
See also: home, truth

a ˌhome ˈtruth

an honest criticism of a person said directly to them: It’s time someone told you a few home truths, my boy!
See also: home, truth
References in classic literature ?
and she slipped a ring from her finger onto D'Artagnan's.
But the crowd were gathered most of all around a ring where the wrestling was going forward, and thither Sir Richard and his men turned their steps.
The name of the man who had the audacity to put a ring on your finger
They were telling one another of all the places where they had been waddling about all the morning, and what good food they had found; and one said in a pitiful tone: 'Something lies heavy on my stomach; as I was eating in haste I swallowed a ring which lay under the queen's window.
I've dropped a ring," he apo1ogised, as he climbed out.
She proffered it to Miss Reade and, as the latter took it into her singularly slender, beautiful hand, I saw a ring on her third finger.
I take them to be roars of joy because Mary is his, and they have a ring of youth about them that is hard to bear.
They sped on together towards the fence of the town that was now but a ring of fire, Umslopogaas and Galazi in front, each holding the Lily by a hand.
Edwin, this rose of diamonds and rubies delicately set in gold, was a ring belonging to Miss Rosa's mother.
she asked to change the subject, looking at his finger on which he wore a ring with a cameo of Laocoon's head.