a heartbeat away

heartbeat (away) from being (something)

In a position to move into a position immediately upon the absence of one's superior or predecessor (often assumed to mean from death). The position of vice president may not seem important, but whoever it is will be a heartbeat away from being president, so we should take that into account when voting.
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a ˈheartbeat away (from something)

very close to something: The offices are a heartbeat away from Singapore’s business centre.With all her musical talent, it seems that success is just a heartbeat away.
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A Heartbeat Away LIFE is but a whisper, a tender touch Of feelings of love, The seed feels the call of duty over regret, And we are borne, Into a strife torn world, A place of preparation, with a great adventure In between, Our first life, our eternal existence, Each one of us in the war zone, A place where life is given, yet always taken away; Yet so much beauty exists in our battlefield, So much promise of grace and joy, In a place of graves, where life is short, death preserves.
Our life is forever reaching, yet our greatest need Is always just a heartbeat away!
THE perfect life for most Britons is just a Heartbeat away, research said yesterday.
THE PERFECT life for millions of Britons is just a Heartbeat away, new research said yesterday.