a happy bunny

happy bunny

Someone who is happy or content. Often used in the negative to indicate someone who is particularly unhappy, irritable, or displeased. I just got a raise, so I'm a happy bunny today. I could tell the producer was not a happy bunny after Jake used such inflammatory language on the air. She was not a happy bunny after her work permit application was denied.
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(not) a ˌhappy ˈbunny

(British English) (American English (not) a ˌhappy ˈcamper) (informal) (not) pleased about a situation: Ailsa has caught a cold and is not a happy bunny.We must make sure that our existing clients are happy campers.
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Maisey is our nal bunny, but we want a happy bunny. Any ideas please?
It's sad, but there it is: vandalise Easter with your cultural imperialism, and I wax indignant -- but give me a bad pun and a small wisecracking animal, and I'm a happy bunny.
Lumpy shared third spot with Weir last year and with another top-ten to his name in 1999, he is clearly a happy bunny in this format.
As former Miss World Rosanna Davison pulled her usual elegant pose, sexy Sarah was clearly not a happy bunny.
One of the housemates called Lisa (aka Loser, right) a bunny boiler - which is fair comment - and she ain't a happy bunny.