a guinea pig

guinea pig

Someone or something used as the subject of an experiment. Jane used her husband as a guinea pig to try her new baked chicken recipe. Craig earned a little extra money by signing up to be a guinea pig in some local clinical studies.
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a guinea pig

COMMON If someone is used as a guinea pig, new ideas, methods, or medical treatments are tested on them. The new technology should allow us to study genetic disease without having to use humans as guinea pigs. This is the first time I've cooked this dish so you are my guinea pigs.
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a ˈguinea pig

a person used in medical or other experiments: Students in fifty schools are to act as guinea pigs for these new teaching methods.
A guinea pig is a small animal with short ears and no tail, often kept as a pet or used for laboratory research.
See also: guinea, pig
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Her adoption fee is just $20 and comes with a free class to teach you all you need to know about being a Guinea pig guardian.
Just like larger pets, the rewards you get from a guinea pig are directly related to the time you invest in them.
With the holiday season looming, the mother-of-one warned against giving a guinea pig as a gift.
The compromise is that they get him a guinea pig named, of course, Fido.
Two-year-old Flash has won the world record for the fastest run by a guinea pig by conquering the 10metre red carpet track in 8.
I WOULD never have imagined it would take a guinea pig to make me marvel at the wonders of computer-generated effects.
A PET owner threw a guinea pig from the window of her tower block flat because it was making a noise, a court heard.
During this time he helped to cure a guinea pig belonging to the author Michael Bond, who wrote the Olga de Polga series about the pet.
A drawing of a guinea pig is accompanied by a conversation in which someone is asked to be the subject of a test conducted UNDER PROTRACTED EXPOSURE TO AMBIGUITY.
Animal rights protesters who attacked a home linked to a guinea pig breeding centre have been dubbed 'terrorists' by a Midland MP.
Meet "Guineazilla" a guinea pig the size of a buffalo that scientists say is the biggest rodent that ever lived.
Staecker et al reported (1) that direct infusion of either neurotrophin-3 or BDNF into the scala tympani of a guinea pig cochlea after a loss of auditory hair cells compensates for the loss of trophic support (i.
Anyone who has owned a guinea pig will know the amount of droppings they leave, and they should be cleaned daily.
It features the sound of the squealing pets, an image of the Queen holding one of the rodents and a guinea pig that supports Newcastle United.
I would be a guinea pig because my guinea pig is cute and is very cuddly