a good deal

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a good deal

A large degree or amount, usually indefinite or intangible. There's a good deal to be learned from listening to your elders. I own a good deal of books at home. They're starting to clutter up the place. We'll need a good deal more if we're going to have enough.
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good deal

1. A very favorable agreement, cost, or situation. We never thought we'd be able to afford a neighborhood like this, but we got a good deal on this house.
2. An acknowledgment that a situation or proposal is acceptable, pleasing, or fortuitous. A: "I'll plan on coming around this Friday evening." B: "Good deal, buddy."
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a good deal

Also, a great deal. See under good deal.
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good deal, a

Also, a great deal.
1. A large but indefinite quantity, as in He has a good (or great) deal of money; also, to a large extent or degree, as in "I bled ... a great deal" (from Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe, 1719). Also see good many.
2. A very successful transaction or business agreement; a bargain. For example, The new agent got him a great deal, or Only $50,000 for all that land? That's a good deal. [Colloquial; mid-1800s]
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Although a 50-percent tax abatement for 20 years sounds terrific, it might not be a good deal if City B's overall property tax rate is less than 50 percent of City A's tax bill, net of City A's incentives.
Several polls showed overwhelming approval for McVeigh's execution-up to 80 percent-but also a good deal of ambivalence about the death penalty in general.
The A's are rewarded for good habits, the B's are unfairly penalized, and the C's probably get a good deal considering what they are doing to themselves.