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1. slang Someone who is silly or stupid. That guy's a total goober—I can't ask him to prom!
2. slang A pimple. Do you have any zit cream? I've got a huge goober right in the middle of my forehead.
3. slang A tumor. Is this her latest scan? Aw man, that goober hasn't gotten any smaller.
4. Peanut, particularly in the Southern US. Did you really grow up on a goober farm in Georgia?

goober grabber

slang Someone who harvests peanuts, particularly in the Southern US. "Goober" is another name for a peanut, particularly in the Southern US. Did you really grow up as a goober-grabber on a farm in Georgia?
See also: goober, grabber

goober grease

slang Peanut butter. "Goober" is another name for a peanut, particularly in the Southern US. Want me to put some goober-grease on this sandwich for you?
See also: goober, grease
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n. someone who picks peanuts. (Typically someone native to Georgia where peanuts are grown. From guber. Forced and contrived.) One of the local goober-grabbers took us to a peanut boil.


n. peanut butter. Pass me some of that goober-grease, will ya?


and goober (ˈgubɚ)
1. n. a facial pimple. (see also goob.) How does anybody get rid of goobers?
2. n. a tumor. (see also boogie.) The patient with the abdominal guber is going into surgery now.


See guber
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News accounts reported "his stentorian cry of 'ice cold soda water--who wants one?' has won him the rating of a championship contender in his chosen line." He wore a hat band clearly labeled "Elmer Dean." (25) According to Roy Forrest of the Miami News, "Nobody could duplicate Elmer's lusty bellow--'Buy a goober!'--which sold thousands of pounds of peanuts." (26)
Louis was named after Louis Walsh from X Factor and Goober just looked like a Goober. They love attention and are very affectionate.They enjoy watching the birds outside from the windowsill and trying to climb up the blinds.