a golden boy

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golden boy

A boy or man who is popular, admired, and successful. The term can imply that the individual's faults are overlooked by others. Jake was the golden boy of the team, much to the chagrin of his teammates. Tom's always been the golden boy of our family. He seemingly can do no wrong in our parents' eyes.
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a golden boy

If you call a man a golden boy, you mean that they are very popular or successful. When the movie came out the critics went wild, hailing Tarantino as the golden boy of the 1990s. Note: You can describe a popular or successful woman as a golden girl. Jacqueline du Pré, with her flowing blond hair and good looks, was the golden girl of classical music in the sixties.
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a ˈgolden boy

a young man who is very successful and popular: He had been the golden boy of Welsh rugby.
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