a frog in throat

a frog in (one's) throat

The feeling that something is caught or stuck in one's throat. Could refer to actual hoarseness or the inability to speak due to fear. This cold has left me with such a frog in my throat that I can barely talk! A: "Elise couldn't say a word in the meeting and looked completely terrified." B: "Man, she must have had a frog in her throat."
See also: frog, throat

frog in (one's) throat

Difficulty talking because of the need to cough or clear one's throat. It's taking a long time to get over this cold. I'm tired of feeling like I have a frog in my throat every time I try to talk.
See also: frog, throat

*a frog in one's throat

Fig. a feeling of hoarseness or a lump in one's throat. (Often regarded as a sign of fear. *Typically: get ~; have ~.) I feel like I'm getting a frog in my throat when I have to speak in public. She says she gets a frog in her throat when she is nervous.
See also: frog, throat