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slang Something that one receives without having to pay for it. This cute little makeup bag was a freebie when I bought that perfume.
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and freebee and freeby (ˈfribi)
n. something given away free. They gave me a freebie with my purchase.


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It's not a freebie, but it's always a good deal when you can help out others.
One delegate said: "This is normally a freebie fest, with bottles of whisky, toiletries and chocolates being handed out by the exhibitors.
There's only one thing better than a bargain, and that's a freebie! ShopSmart, the shopping magazine from the publisher of Consumer Reports, recently uncovered ways consumers can score a variety of stuff without shelling out a dime, including many food and activity options for adults and kids this summer season.
A freebie is the easiest and cost free way for a client to familiarize himself with the features of the product being advertised.
"Why does a freebie decrease the price consumers are willing to pay for each individual product?
If you' can't resist a freebie, head over to
In fact, glossy mags are offering a freebie frenzy as they give away everything from free flip- flops to trendy bags, sunhats and sunglasses to sexy sarongs.
But Robert Ward, managing director of holiday firm Harlequin Worldwide, told us what we could do with our request for a freebie holiday.
Personally, I think PR directors are foolish to send me these things, since I tend to call their products "incredibly stupid." I am certainly one to look a freebie in the mouth.
The device also has a freebie of premium fitness apps like RunKeeper ($20), Skimble's Workout Trainer ($4), personal wellness assistant ($36) as well as Map My Fitness ($36).