a foregone conclusion

foregone conclusion

1. An inevitable result. After how poorly the team has played so far this season, it's a foregone conclusion that they won't make it to the championship.
2. A view or belief that one has before receiving all pertinent information. Don't come to any foregone conclusions about the accident, all right? Let me tell you the whole story first.
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a ˌforegone conˈclusion

a result that is certain to happen: It’s a foregone conclusion that Spain will win tonight’s match.
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foregone conclusion, a

A result that is already known and therefore is taken for granted. The term comes from Shakespeare’s Othello (3.3), in which, after hearing Iago’s lie about Cassio talking in his sleep of his love affair with Desdemona, Othello says this “dream” is a “foregone conclusion”—that is, it clearly denotes that his wife has been unfaithful to him with Cassio (as Iago intended him to believe all along). Some four centuries later the term is still around: “But it could be argued that it was a surprise so many Spaniards were prepared to take part in a vote which was a foregone conclusion” (Economist, Feb. 26, 2005).
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Following a hearing, a judge denied the commonwealth's motion, concluding that the commonwealth had not proved that the defendant's knowledge of the password was a foregone conclusion under the Fifth Amendment.
And the mood at the count at Birchwood Tennis Centre last night certainly seemed to suggest the outcome was a foregone conclusion.
However, another all-out Arab-Israeli war was "a foregone conclusion."
However, if you had paid attention to the betting then the result of the election was a foregone conclusion - and had been for some time.
Summary: Former Algerian prime minister Sid Ahmed Ghozali on Thursday called for a boycott of legislative elections due in May, saying their outcome is "a foregone conclusion".
THE UK economy is set to stagnate in the first quarter of the year, but a "new recession is not a foregone conclusion", a business lobby group said.
It's a foregone conclusion that the composition of the Texas Senate, 19 Republicans and 12 Democrats, means the controversial voter ID bill will win approval in the upper chamber.
If the people who are judging our bid to be the City of Culture happen to read the Birmingham Mail, I feel the result is a foregone conclusion.
In today's society, getting this little one back safe and sound was fortunate, not a foregone conclusion.
Senate (this was last September), seemingly a foregone conclusion that the Senator unexpectedly forewent.
In the aftermath of last Sunday's Leinster final win over Westmeath's Tyrrellspass, St Vincent's boss Whelan said that the result of Crossmaglen's joust with the London and British champs was "a foregone conclusion".
The team section of the series, backed by Scottish tackle giants Daiwa and the Anglers Emporium, was pretty much a foregone conclusion going into the final leg, with Central already nine points clear.
But even though a guilty verdict was a foregone conclusion in the Soviet-style UN "trial," Milosevic--serving as his own chief defense counsel--just weeks before his death, pried loose an important piece of evidence that may have gotten him killed.
Though Beautiful Inez is solidly crafted and moving, its emotional effects are blunted by what feels like a foregone conclusion.
Due to the 6-4 conservative majority on the Board, it is a foregone conclusion that the science curriculum in the state of Kansas will be altered to diminish evolution and introduce intelligent design.