figment of (one's)/the imagination

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figment of (one's)/the imagination

An experience that initially is thought to be real but is actually imagined. I thought I heard the sound of my front door opening last night but it turned out to be a figment of my imagination.
See also: figment, imagination, of

figment of one's imagination

Something made up, invented, or fabricated, as in "The long dishevelled hair, the swelled black face, the exaggerated stature were figments of imagination" (Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre, 1847). This term is redundant, since figment means "product of the imagination." [Early 1800s]
See also: figment, imagination, of

a figment of somebody’s imagiˈnation

something which somebody only imagines: Doctor, are you suggesting the pain is a figment of my imagination?
See also: figment, imagination, of
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The source considered that the news published by the aforementioned newspaper is the result of the hallucinations of the newspaper's reporter, who did not find anything to report to the newspaper so he created false and untrue stories that are a figment of his imagination.
But in that film, he was nuts and I was a figment of his imagination so we worked hard to not duplicate that relationship in this film.
SHE'S been linked to Hollyoaks actor Andy Newton-Lee for the past few months, but EastEnder Brooke Kinsella insists the relationship is a figment of his imagination.
I would say that's a figment of his imagination,'' Hackett said.
The comment was simply a figment of his imagination," he said.