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All his finery was gone; he was naked as when he was born, with the exception of a scanty flap that answered the purpose of a fig leaf.
When she set her eyes on the V&A's copy of Michelangelo's David for the first time, the queen was deeply shocked at the absence of a fig leaf.
The garments, which feature either a fig leaf or a clasped hands motif, are composed of a mixture of tungsten and other metals that do not set off metal detectors.
To conceal their nakedness they've created something less than a fig leaf - a fragment of a fig leaf, one too small to hide anything.
Wrap each halibut fillet completely with a fig leaf, securing with a toothpick if necessary.
Lay the roasted fig on a fig leaf along with the dressed fava bean salad.
If he wants to freeze to death, he could at least wear a fig leaf.
Celebrity guests at a swish New York fashion show couldn't believe their eyes when Jim strutted down the catwalk munching an apple - wearing nothing but a fig leaf to mask his manhood.
Protesters Wearing Nude Leotards and Fig Leaves will expose the Adult Industry Medical (AIM) HealthCare Foundation HIV Testing Clinic in Sherman Oaks as a Fig Leaf for Porn Industry
20 or so protesters will gather holding fig leaves--some wearing nude body suits--and carrying banners and signs to expose the clinic as a fig leaf for the porn industry.
She said: 'Researchers at Liverpool University took photos and X-rays and decided that, yes, he was originally cast with a fig leaf and so he's got a new one.
Experts used a photograph of the sculpture, taken in the 1850s, showing a fig leaf held in place by a belt with a decorative buckle to aid the design of the new covering.
A photograph of the sculpture taken in the 1850s, which showed a fig leaf held in place by a belt with a decorative buckle, was studied to aid the design of the new covering.