a fate worse than death

fate worse than death

A hyperbolic phrase referring to a situation or experience that is very unpleasant. I appreciate Gina inviting me to go with her to the theater, but having to listen to those opera singers would be a fate worse than death.
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a fate worse than death

If you describe something that could happen as a fate worse than death, you mean that it is extremely unpleasant. They were forced to share the same office space as me — a fate worse than death. Why is it considered a fate worse than death to stay at home and rear children? Note: This expression is often used humorously to show that you do not think that the thing is really very bad.
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a fate worse than death

a terrible experience, especially that of seduction or rape.
1991 Thomas Hayden The Killing Frost He dominated the conversation, holding the Hackett and Townshend women spellbound as he told of how he had broken up a white-slave ring in Dublin, and how he had rescued an innocent young girl from a fate worse than death.
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a ˌfate worse than ˈdeath

(often humorous) a terrible experience: Go on a trip with the Trumans? You’re joking. It would be a fate worse than death.
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fate worse than death, a

Seduction or rape of a woman. This term, originating about the mid-seventeenth century, became a cliché in the late nineteenth century, when it also began to be used in a jocular fashion for sexual relations among willing partners. E. R. Burroughs, however, still meant it seriously: “The ape . . . bearing Jane Porter away toward a fate a thousand times worse than death” (Tarzan, 1917).
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References in classic literature ?
Behind her lay a fate worse than death, at the hands of human beings.
Therein lies Black Mirror's true brilliance -- technology often delivers a fate worse than death. More often than not, the remarkable solutions that humanity has developed end up as a source of enslavement, insanity and heartbreak for the helpless protagonists who can neither run nor hide from the devices and data that governs the world.
If we are not going to bring back the death penalty for murder then imprisonment for murderers should be a fate worse than death, and should only be released from prison when they come our feet first.
I can't stand it when people do that" Musician Jarvis Cocker, who has resorted to "celebrity DJING" "People talk about 'a fate worse than death', but what could be worse?" Crime writer PD James "I don't know.
But Bryan isn't the sort of bloke to simply sit at home worrying about things - instead, he uses all his old skills to hunt down those responsible and, of course, to save his offspring from a fate worse than death.
Fighting in a lesser known front of China, India, and Burma, he tells a story of a man pulled away from life and the struggles of survival where one wrong move could mean a fate worse than death. "Rough War" is a riveting war story, highly recommended.
That whinygirl voice, those syrupy songs, it's a fate worse than death!" " Bring her to the show, yo!
Try to ignore the little voice in your head saying that becoming Mrs Sam Dingle must be a fate worse than death and concentrate instead on how lovely the bride looks in her lacy head-dress - for all the world like a young Mia Farrow.
BEING sent to the salt mines was a fate worse than death for dissidents in the old Soviet Union - now they're being used to cure kids of asthma.
The top flight of English football appears to be suffering a fate worse than death - total predictability.
British Intelligence places him in the worst school situation ever, isolated in the Alps above Grenoble, where he is threatened by a fate worse than death (well, death after the students in biology class dissect him while he is still alive, without anesthetic).
Spokesman for the charity, Mr Jonathan Owen, said: "We are very concerned that British dog breeders may be exporting their pedigrees for a fate worse than death, where they can be kept in squalor."
My story isn't unique; it's representative of the way our society tells us that "disability is a fate worse than death."
This poor girl has suffered a fate worse than death - even losing a second child when she was just 14.