a fat cat

fat cat

A disparaging term for a rich and powerful person. The voters were tired of all the fat cats running for political office. They wanted someone who understood the plight of the middle class.
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1. noun Someone who is very wealthy and successful. That guy is a really fat-cat in Hollywood, so we definitely have to impress him if we want to get our movie made.
2. adjective Describing such a person or the condition of being wealthy and successful. That's a fat-cat kind of house—something we middle-class people can only dream about.
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a fat cat

COMMON You call a businessperson or politician a fat cat when you disapprove of the way they use their wealth and power because it seems unfair or wrong to you. These fat cats of commerce make huge profits out of the public. Yet again privatisation benefits City fat cats at the expense of the customer. Note: You can also use fat cat before a noun. The taxpayer will be left to pay while the fat cat businessmen get the cream of Britain's rail services. He promised to end fat-cat salaries for union bosses and increase worker wages.
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a ˈfat cat

(informal, disapproving) a person who earns, or has, a lot of money (especially when compared to people who do not earn much): The company director is described as a fat cat, who enjoys his luxury lifestyle but doesn’t care about his employees.
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The 55c and 78c stamps feature the artist's impressions of a Kilkenny Cat, a Celtic Tigress, a Fat Cat and two Cool Cats.
This humorous tale of a big hungry kitty, a fat cat that hasn't met a creature he does not like to eat, will delight young and old alike.
To avoid being publicly chastised as a Fat Cat,ensure that criticism is ``silenced'' by your early success in raising the share price of your company.
Nobody would dream of calling a pop star a fat cat, or a bestselling author, or a footballer.
GMB chief John Edmonds, said: "If there's anything worse than a fat cat it's a two-faced fat cat." He challenged Mr Callaghan to donate at least pounds 4 an hour to charity.
A Fat cat row erupted yesterday after it was revealed that the Millennium Dome's new boss will be paid more than pounds 500,000.