a fait accompli

fait accompli

A decision that has already been made or something that has already been accomplished or completed. The decision by the CEO to close 50 of the company's stores came as a fait accompli to the rest of the management team, who were powerless to stop it. Failing this class is not a fait accompli—you have the ability to study and bring up your grade!
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a ˌfait accomˈpli

(from French) something that has already happened or been done and that you cannot change: We got married secretly and then presented our parents with a fait accompli.
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fait accompli, a

A deed or action already completed. The term is French for “accomplished action” and was adopted into English in the early nineteenth century. The French critic Nicolas Boileau, exponent of the classical style, may have been one of the first to popularize the term in French, in his treatise L’Art poétique (1674), expounding the classic unities of drama: “Qu’en un lieu, qu’en un jour, un seul fait accompli tienne jusqu’ à la fin le théâtre rempli” (One place, one time, one single action will keep the audience in the theater to the end).
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References in classic literature ?
Europe adjusts itself to a fait accompli, and so does an individual character--until the placid adjustment is disturbed by a convulsive retribution.
"And this, of course, remains to you, since the marriage is a fait accompli?"
BEIRUT: The March 8 coalition Sunday kept up its verbal campaign against President Michel Sleiman, with Hezbollah warning that any attempt to form a fait accompli government would threaten the country's stability.
Meanwhile, Hezbollah's deputy head Sheikh Naim Qassem warned against forming a fait accompli government, saying such a government would play havoc with the country's fate.
Asked if he would eventually form a fait accompli government, Salam said: "I've said on several times that I am for a realistic government, rather than a fait accompli government ...
Political sources said no progress had been made on this front, despite the president's readiness to abandon his initial support for a fait accompli or neutral government in favor of an inclusive one.
Summary: Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah warned Wednesday that forming a fait accompli government would be a "big mistake" and ruled out the formation of a neutral Cabinet in Lebanon.
"There is an attempt to form a Cabinet irrespective of the others' views, that is a fait accompli Cabinet," Aoun said in an interview with the FPM's OTV station, adding that there were no contacts between him and Sleiman on the Cabinet formation issue.
With no solution in sight to the four-month-old Cabinet deadlock, the March 14 coalition may push for the election of a new Parliament speaker as part of its pressure on Nabih Berri to help facilitate the formation of a fait accompli government, political sources said.
In a speech during a weekend visit to the eastern city of Zahle, Aoun also held President Michel Sleiman and Prime Minister-designate Tammam Salam responsible for the consequences of committing "a crime" against the country by forming a fait accompli government, which would govern in caretaker status after being appointed by the president but failing a vote of confidence in Parliament.
The sources said that Sleiman has not yet received clear answers from constitutional experts over the legality of a fait accompli Cabinet, but said the minute the president is convinced that legal opinion deems such a Cabinet could function, he would not hesitate to issue a decree and form the new government, with portfolios decided upon by himself and Salam.
Summary: The extension of Parliament is a fait accompli, but instead of meeting those on the streets with resistance, the passion of the protesters must be harnessed to ensure these next 17 months actually achieve something for the country.
Beijing's military outposts in the South China Sea has given the country a "coercive leverage," establishing a fait accompli in the region.
(Alliance News) - Heathrow expansion is "a fait accompli" and will be a "critical part of any new prime minister's agenda", the boss of the airport said.
The data argue against Fed easing, but a July cut is a fait accompli.