easy touch

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an easy touch

1. A kind and tender way of acting. I don't have the patience to be a kindergarten teacher, but you'll be great at it because you have a really easy touch.
2. Someone who is easy to control or bend to one's wishes. Julia is an easy touch—we can get her to help us with this prank.
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easy touch

One who is easy to control or manipulate; one who bends to the desires or demands of others. My poor dad was always such a easy touch, always jumping through hoops to do anything his boss told him to. Julia is a easy touch—I bet we can get her to shoplift for us.
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a soft/an easy ˈtouch

(informal) a kind and perhaps easily deceived person whom people ask for money, help, etc: Ask Tony to lend you some money. He’s a soft touch. OPPOSITE: a tough customer/cookie Touch was a slang term used by criminals to refer to the act of stealing something from someone, particularly from a pocket. A soft or easy touch was someone that it was easy to steal from.
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