a double whammy

double whammy

A situation in which two negative things happen at the same time or in rapid succession. Jack suffered a double whammy when his car broke down the same day he lost his job.
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a double ˈwhammy

(informal) two unpleasant situations or events that happen at the same time and cause problems for somebody/something: With this government we’ve had a double whammy of tax increases and benefit cuts.This phrase comes from the 1950s American cartoon L’il Abner. One of the characters could shoot a whammy (= use magic power to make something bad happen to somebody) by pointing a finger with one eye open, or a double whammy with both eyes open.
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"It was a double whammy. "Then a minute later we score an unbelievable own goal and it was damage limitation after that.
'We found that people are likely getting a double whammy of exposure in terms of health during rush-hour commutes,' said researcher Michael Bergin.
[USA], Jul 22 (ANI): Turns out, rush-hour commuters may be in for a double whammy of pollution exposure.
"Obviously he wouldn't be available anyway but again it's a double whammy for him.
PROVING that some things do get better with age, Dame Helen Mirren gave us a double whammy at the weekend rocking the red carpet two nights in a row.
SCOTLAND'S high streets have enjoyed their best performance for more than two years after a double whammy of summer sunshine and Andy Murray's Wimbledon success boosted sales.
Ash cops a double whammy From Back Page charge which could bring another fine.
GET a double whammy of chocolate heaven with the nation's favourite bar...completely FREE today.
Beanpole Ubalde shot a game-high 21 points, Matias scored 17 while Yutuc and Bryan Adaya added 13 and 12 respectively as Carrier dominated the second half, pounding the ball inside to the basket and crashing the offensive boards for second chance points, as it took the measure of Nunungan which suffered a double whammy with an injury to ever dependable swingman Christian Guimpatan, who led his team with 28 points.
BUS users face a double whammy of rising fares and cuts to services as council transport budgets are slashed by over pounds 500,000.
ARTS organisations are facing the prospect of a double whammy of spending cuts which could be disastrous for their future, MPs warned today.
IT'S a double whammy of cheery congratulations for two celebs today.
MY WEEK Punting high A back-to-lay of Rubi Light at Punchestown, getting rid of the pre-race bet at very short odds, while backing Mourad to beat Robbie Hennessy's hurdler when he had 15 lengths to claw back - a double whammy that worked in my favour for once Punting low Getting caught out by hard-pullers that win.
Add to that the significantly reduced ability of the Northern Rock Foundation to fund key local voluntary projects, and the North-East is facing a double whammy."
I hope that the poultry farmers aren't given a double whammy by people avoiding eating turkey, chicken and eggs for the next few weeks, despite reassurances by public health officials that it is safe.