a doozy

a doozy

Something remarkable or exceptional, either positively or negatively, when compared to other instances of it. This Christmas season was a real doozy because my mom was in the hospital. A: "Whoa, that game was a doozy!" B: "I know, right? How exciting!" Our vacation was a doozy all right—it rained nearly every day, and our flight home was canceled at the last minute, which meant we had to sleep at the airport.
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and doozie and doozy (ˈduzi)
n. something extraordinary, good or bad. The trade show was a real doozy this year.


See doosie


See doosie
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(And it WAS a doozy!) For the record, Kellogg has been on our Watch List since September 2016.
It's on Saturday, December 16, and should be a doozy. Tickets PS16 plus booking fee from www.shine.net, www.ticketmaster.ie and Ticketmaster outlets nationwide.
The postcards can be personalized with an original message and sent via email with a Doozy Premier Membership.
This one is a doozy. The son of an Iraqi Minister missed his flight, so guess what the Iraqi authorities did?
I don't know about you, but 2013 was kind of a doozy. And while on the Jewish calendar tonight is simply the 28th of Tevet, 5774, we here at the Scroll will be taking the opportunity to ring in the new Gregorian year as it was intended: off Twitter, but with a lot of emojis.
It's also a doozy of a device, with a fast Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM that more than competes with Apple's and Samsung's trendier devices.
Got the second LP from a band called Orange Roughy out of Pennsylvania, Picked Clean, and it's a doozy. Straight ahead three-chord power from a full sounding five-piece, this one takes no prisoners and spares no volume.
This year's Kips Decorator Show House promises to be a doozy. The designers will have their work cut out for them with the 20,000-square-foot space on East 75th Street.
If these people are really seeking alternative theories as to how life originated, I got a doozy. Santa killed the evil Martian overlords and flew us here from Pluto on his sled.
The first volume introduces the main characters and lays out the basics of the plot, which looks to be complex (the explanation of what the Awakening is should be a doozy).
This one's a doozy! Scientists at Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) are developing a new fabric that they insist has the ability to clean itself when exposed to sunlight.
Meanwhile, some members of Congress just pulled a doozy of a flip-flop, one that may just scamper down the memory hole thanks to our new definition of free speech.
DOCUMENT THREE--Just make up stuff and pretend it makes sense The following example from a real-life worksheet is a doozy. Make new words by adding and taking away letters.
There's a storm brewing over the placid desert community of Palm Springs, Calif., and it could be a doozy. Local gay Web designer Jerry Youngman is facing a showdown with media giant Gannett (owner of USA Today) over the name of Youngman's Web site The Dessert Sun, which recommends "places to get a good dessert" in the Palm Springs area and is funded via advertising targeting gays, particularly tourists.
Gary Alan Roach Jr., dba Alan Roach Imports in Little Rock, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection on April 5, and it's a doozy.