a dog's dinner

a dog's dinner

Something that is very messy or disorganized. I really need to clean out my closet—it's starting to look like a dog's dinner in there.
See also: dinner

a dog's dinner (or breakfast)

a poor piece of work; a mess. British informal
The image is of a dog's meal of jumbled-up scraps.
2000 Independent He was rightly sacked because he had made such a dog's dinner of an important job.
See also: dinner

a dog’s ˈbreakfast/ˈdinner

(British English, informal) a very untidy piece of work; a mess: Don’t ask Julie to help you with the decorating — she made a complete dog’s breakfast of painting the kitchen!
See also: breakfast, dinner
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A DOG'S DINNER GUIDE dog owner Richard Boggie is making a dog's dinner of fundraising for Guide Dogs for the Blind.