a dog's breakfast

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a dog's breakfast

A mess. I really need to clean out my closet—it's starting to look like a dog's breakfast in there. I thought I could trust Jim to finish the business proposal, but he made a dog's breakfast of the whole thing. If you borrow my car, please don't let the kids make it into a dog's breakfast, OK? I don't want to be finding crumbs in there for the next six months.
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a dog's breakfast


a dog's dinner

If you call something a dog's breakfast or a dog's dinner, you mean that it is badly organized or very untidy. He labelled the Government's plans `a complete dog's breakfast'. Now she's having to watch as those whom she grew up with in politics are in Cabinet and making a dog's breakfast of it. The whole place was a bit of a dog's dinner, really.
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a dog’s ˈbreakfast/ˈdinner

(British English, informal) a very untidy piece of work; a mess: Don’t ask Julie to help you with the decorating — she made a complete dog’s breakfast of painting the kitchen!
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