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In this week's edition of the Trib+Water newsletter: Some scientists fear a disaster waiting to happen when Houston's perfect storm comes, Mexico pays back water debt to U.S.
This is a disaster waiting to happen. These drivers are putting pupils' lives at risk.
"This was a disaster waiting to happen," said Prof Ferner.
"This was a disaster waiting to happen. Until this, I was not aware people could die from Amphotericin.
I said then the move was a disaster waiting to happen. As I understand the situation, some notes are already in storage in Derbyshire, some in Nottinghamshire and some remain in Coventry and Warwickshire Hospital for a few more weeks.
Gradually, they realize the project is a disaster waiting to happen, and become determined to get out at least one step ahead of the sheriff: "Send me anywhere, I'll go to Butte!"
A disaster waiting to happen. Adam cell-phones me, ready to leave.
``The fact is that it was a disaster waiting to happen. I know lads who were at Hillsborough the year before and they told me it was a miracle no- one had been hurt then because it was so overcrowded.
Organized Fishermen of Florida spokesman Jerry Sansom, who has tracked manatee issues for years, told the Orlando Sentinel, "It's a disaster waiting to happen." Five manatees died of cold stress when a Jacksonville plant shut down a couple of years ago.
The butcher's shop at the centre of the world's worst E Coli outbreak was "a disaster waiting to happen", an inquiry was told yesterday.
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