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Or is the truth that this is just a cash cow, and Stockfield Road nothing more than a dirty trick to rob the motorists of Birmingham?
Catching someone off guard is no more than a dirty trick.
He must wonder if it's all a dirty trick designed to spike his chances of ever leading the Tories out of the pit.
And it seemed to me to be something of a dirty trick, and does still strike me as being something of a dirty trick, what we did to her.
But the circulation of accurate material about another candidate is not a dirty trick even if it is on videotape.
SUPERVISORS Yvonne Brathwaite Burke and Gloria Molina are trying to play a dirty trick on Los Angeles County taxpayers.
Connerly, a University of California Regent and Sacramento businessman heading the Yes on Proposition 209 campaign, called the invitation to Duke a dirty trick designed to undercut support for the California Civil Rights Initiative on the Nov.
They have claimed our story was part of a dirty tricks campaign designed to discredit the politician behind the police investigation into the cash-for-honours affair.
This desperate threat of a dirty tricks smear campaign is laughable,' said SU spokesmen Oliver Houston.
FORMER US ambassador to Ireland Richard Egan has been accused of taking part in a dirty tricks campaign to scupper John Kerry's bid for the White House.
WEST HAM manager Glenn Roeder is fighting a dirty tricks campaign that is undermining his battle to survive.
Coventry is not the dirtiest city in the UK and one is bound to wonder if this is a dirty tricks campaign to try to undermine our bid.
THE Tories are planning a dirty tricks campaign in the run-up to the general election.
At a conference drinks party, Plaid officials released a 'briefing paper' they said proved that Labour spin-doctors were involved in a dirty tricks campaign.
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