a dirty old man

dirty old man

An older man who is deliberately outspoken when it comes to sexual topics, to the point of making others uncomfortable. Bob is always making lewd comments to the younger women at work. He's such a dirty old man.
See also: dirty, man, old

a ˌdirty old ˈman

(informal, disapproving) an older man who thinks too much about sex: Lots of dirty old men stood around looking at pornographic magazines.
See also: dirty, man, old
References in classic literature ?
There's a dirty old man described in this book that is a little like me.
I also have a full head of hair but nine times out of ten, if I approach a woman, I am treated like a dirty old man.
But what you refuse to appreciate is that to these young women you ARE a dirty old man.
She said: "Mr A's behaviour was as a result of a stroke he suffered, not because he is a dirty old man.
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