a den of iniquity

den of iniquity

A place where seedy activities happen. I'm not surprised to hear that the police raided that club again—it's a den of iniquity!
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a den of iniquity

If a place is a den of iniquity, a lot of immoral things happen there. As time went on, he realised he was working in a den of iniquity and that the corruption spread right to the top of the organization.
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a den of iˈniquity/ˈvice

(disapproving) a place where people do bad things: She thinks that just because we sit around smoking and drinking beer the club must be a real den of iniquity.
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"The China Jump, which is where both teams went afterwards to wind down, was portrayed as a den of iniquity or a seedy bar but it was actually based loosely on a TGI Friday-type diner.
While this vast parallel online universe is at times a den of iniquity and shady dealings, including the trade of illegal weapons, it can also be used for other purposes.
McDonald's will hardly be a den of iniquity, and it will create 75 new jobs and generate PS1.9m for the local economy.
This is Thompson Street, once a den of iniquity which made Cardiff's Tiger Bay look like a kiddies' playground.
Police officer Sherry Lee said: "It was a den of iniquity. I can remember chasing criminals through this estate.
Whatever the truth, this was a worthwhile commemoration marking the 50th anniversary of the band first playing The Cavern - which, for some reason, some parents thought of as a den of iniquity ...
HOW dare George Tyndale refer to Nuneaton as a den of iniquity? Yes.
DEMOLITION plans have been unveiled for a park shelter branded "a den of iniquity".
This Government is rapidly turning Britain into a den of iniquity. Some of the Labour MPs objected but when the whips have bullied them into submission, they will become yes men or just wiMPs.
If your heart wants you to save it from a den of iniquity then please don't.
"But the woods are a den of iniquity. Youngsters go in there to take drugs and get up to all sorts.
'To depict the temple as a den of iniquity in a frivolous computer game is irresponsible to say the least.'
SHOCKING new pictures of the girl who got pregnant at 11 show her being raised in a den of iniquity.
The original Chateau Malmaison was a den of iniquity where Napoleon and Josephine spent many a passionate night.