a (damn) sight better

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a (damn) sight better

Quite a lot better (than a different person, thing, or condition). "Damn" is used to emphasize how much better someone or something is. The car should run a damn sight better now that you have the tires aligned properly. So far our new intern has been a sight better than our last one. Did they change the brand of coffee in the break room? All of a sudden, it's a damn sight better than it used to be!
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(damn) sight better

Rur. much better. Mary can sing a damn sight better than Tom can. You look a sight better with your hair cut short.
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a (damn, etc.) sight ˈbetter, ˈworse, etc. (than somebody/something)

(informal) a lot better, etc. (than somebody/something): Life would be a sight easier if we had a little more money!A car that big would use a darn sight more petrol than ours.
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Though the first two films in the killer cyborg franchise are unassailable, Christian Bale's whispery-voiced take on John Connor is a damn sight better than Rise Of The Machines or this summer's feeble Genisys.
That contribution is a damn sight better than none at all as fossil fuels run out and, before they do, contribute in their turn to galloping climate change.
The average drunken hen or stag do in a karaoke bar couldn't do worse - and probably do a damn sight better - than this bunch.
I'll tell you what - it's a damn sight better than the spin and polish we have been dished up for the last few years.
This just happened to coincide with the glory days of Welsh rugby, a time of much joy and little strife in the WRU, and many feel that as a two-man operation (Bill and the treasurer Ken Harris) the union was a damn sight better run than it has been by the so-called professionals of the modern era.
The fact is that if Cherie had been a shop girl, the rest of us would have been a damn sight better off
The situation there may not be perfect but it is a damn sight better than it was a few years ago - largely thanks to the PM.
but their record is a damn sight better than most teams and more than good enough to fancy them at odds of 11/8.
``I'll tell you what, if they don't and they come back,I expect a damn sight better next season.''
Enforcing minority rights keeps us diverse, unique and culturally rich, and it's a damn sight better use of money than war, royals, bailing out railtrack shareholders, etc.
a damn sight better than most new stuff around today ?
In my opinion, her books are a damn sight better than his."
All of which may be true, but I can't help thinking that Sandra - smiling, robust and totally committed to being a fantastic mum - will do a damn sight better job of parenting than the thousands of teen mothers who get pregnant either because they're stupid, careless, unlucky, or because they just fancy a flat of their own paid for by the State.
So while I hold to the view that two good parents are the ideal, I can accept that two loving parents of the same sex or one loving parent of either sex is a damn sight better than two parents, one male, one female, both bad.
'But, unless we do a damn sight better in the penalty areas, we'd better get used to the idea of a result like this happening a few other times, as well.'