a cushy number

cushy number

A job that is easy, stress free, and typically well paid. Primarily heard in UK. Since I got this cushy number managing a toy store, I've gotten to sit around playing with toys all day. Since Sarah got that cushy number with the bank, she has been driving a sports car and is buying a second home! I get to work from home and spend a lot of time with my kids, so it's certainly a cushy number.
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a cushy ˈnumber

(British English) an easy job; a pleasant situation that other people would like: Sarah’s new job sounds like a right cushy number — she only has to go to the office three days a week. Cushy means ‘easy’ or ‘pleasant’ and comes from Hindi.
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Why don't they go all the way and hire her old partner Eamonn Holmes, - who might just be looking for a cushy number as I think he only has about three other jobs in television - to help him get by.
The chirpy golf coach admits he's got a cushy number Stewart Cink Was planning to play at Augusta today but rain intervened.
The job isn't becoming a cushy number - not at all.
But is this just a case of lining Des up with a cushy number for the aftermath of the next election when he is run out of Kilmarnock by his shirt-tail?
Long holidays, outrageous expenses and gilded pensions - the life of an MP seems like a cushy number.
That you have enjoyed such a cushy number for so long is due in the main to the inefficiency of Local Authorities who have bent over bac kwards to protect your overpaid -underworked position.
People are angry that he's on such a cushy number."
Pat is on a cushy number with the television job he has got with Setanta Sports but I would have thought this was the kind of job he would go for.
Prison shouldn't be a cushy number. Convicts are there to pay for their crimes and redeem their debt to society.
Sir, - Working in an office sounds like a cushy number but I wonder how many Post readers realise how dangerous it can be?
It's just that the physical demands imposed on me by Gail during these past two weeks have made me realise how much of a cushy number politics really is.