a crying shame

a crying shame

Something that is problematic and inopportune. It's a crying shame that the car just died—I planned to give it to you some day. That poor kid was finally having a breakout year—it's a crying shame he got injured. A: "I really think this gap in my resume from caring for my mom is the only thing keeping me from getting hired." B: "Well, that's a crying shame."
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crying shame

Fig. a very unfortunate situation; a real shame. It's a crying shame that people cannot afford adequate housing. That your father could not attend graduation was a crying shame.
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crying shame, a

An unfortunate situation, as in It's a crying shame that Bob can't find a job. This term may well come from the now obsolete to cry shame upon, meaning "express vigorous disapproval or censure," current from about 1600 to the mid-1800s.
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A Crying Shame NATURE has blessed mankind with the ability to cry Most comprehend as others cannot understand why Tears can be a sign of stress or pain Or perhaps some unspeakable shame Our emotions at times we struggle to control Friends' and family we may need to console Love or hate we should perhaps ration As both can stir us to great passion High emotions or an all consuming hate Are feelings we should try and regulate?
Dugher said: "It is a crying shame that in this day and age that Tala may be denied the chance to reach her potential and fulfil her dreams because her Barnsley family are not super-rich."
In response to 'A crying shame' (GDN, June 26), either this person has never seen babies or infants cry - or is unaware of the fact that babies cry during takeoff and landing because of the pressure difference.
"It's a crying shame - I love the club to bits," said Smith.
VAUXHALL MOTORS chairman Alan Bartlam has described the club's attendances as "a crying shame."
"It would be a crying shame if Sven decided to go," declared the most experienced manager in the English game.
When so much is happening on the publishing scene in both languages it's a crying shame that the capital of Wales cannot supply one shop specialising in books about and from Wales.
Marketing and planning manager Lokesh Patel said: "Coventry is a big city and it would be a crying shame for the city not to have a ship named after it.
It would be a crying shame if these benefits of Conrad Black's moment of fame and influence were to disappear.
Leonard, 32, said: "The Lions are part of history and it would be a crying shame if anything was allowed to affect them.
I WAS so upset when I read the letter 'A crying shame', (GDN, June 26).
Doug Rowlinson, 60, West End: I really liked the atmosphere of Balmbras and it would be a crying shame if its name were to change