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creeping crud

An unknown or unidentified illness, often a rash. I think you better get that creeping crud checked out by a doctor—it's not looking so good.
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1. An interjection or exclamation of displeasure. Aw crud, I forgot my wallet—I guess I better turn around and go back for it.
2. Any substance that one deems foul or disgusting. We need a more powerful cleaner to get rid of this crud in the bathtub.
3. One who is viewed with disdain. That guy's a real crud—don't even talk to him.
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1. n. any unidentified disease. There is some kind of creeping-crud between my toes.
2. n. a repellent person. Willy has become such a creeping-crud since he inherited all that money.
3. n. any nasty, slimy substance. That’s not creeping-crud! That’s pecan pie!


1. n. any nasty substance. (An old form of the word curd.) There’s some crud on your left shoe.
2. n. junk; stuff; personal possessions. Get your crud outa my way, will you!
3. n. a repellent person. (Rude and derogatory.) Don’t be such a crud!
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