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It is 46 years old this year but Joseph remains a crowd-puller and pleaser, attracting packed audiences who know the words almost as well as the cast.
Enjoying a huge following in the region, Nancy Ajram's appearance on stage at Modhesh World is expected to be a crowd-puller and is bound to offer a memorable musical evening to families visiting Modhesh World, especially since she will be singing her hits dedicated to children.
Barney Francis, head of Sky Sports, claimed the Premier League was much more of a crowd-puller than the Champions League.
the charity is going to all three party conferences and hope Grant's stardust will be a crowd-puller.
And while in the forestry section, watch out for Titan the Robot - always a crowd-puller.
Over 17,500 people flocked to the sell-out launch of Taste of Birmingham in 2006, and this year's event - backed by the Birmingham Post and Mail - promises to be even more of a crowd-puller, with an estimated 25,000 people expected.
However, rules should never stand in the way of common sense and when a human administrative error causes a horse like Baracouda to miss a Grade 1 race, then I feel there should be a safety net in place to ensure such a crowd-puller is accommodated.
A pair of nesting birds were such a crowd-puller they were commemorated.
The success of activity events such as the Mini Live Adventure at last month's show has convinced the organisers that similar live events will be a crowd-puller in the future.
Foot-and-mouth restrictions mean no livestock will be shown at the December 4 fair at the Builth Wells showground but the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society says its alternative programme, featuring among other things the introduction of horses, will still be a crowd-puller.
HG, 1995, which opened in September on the site of the Clink Street prison close to the Thames at Southwark, always promised to be a crowd-puller: the medieval prison was so notorious that we Brits still refer to incarceration as being "in the clink"; but it wasn't well-known that parts of that venerable carceral institution still existed as a vast labyrinth of subterranean chambers extending almost as far as the disused Bankside power station, which is poised to become the new Tate Gallery of Modern Art.
"Having a premiere in Dubai might have helped initially, but then the end-product has to be good for it to be a crowd-puller. And the reviews [for Action Replayy] have not been kind either," Golchin-Depala said.
Always a crowd-puller is the running of the champion Cob.
Like former Crucible favourites Alex Higgins and Jimmy White, O'Sullivan is a certified Grade A crowd-puller and crowd-pleaser.
The Mixim is a crowd-puller for the forthcoming Frankfurt motor show and is reckoned to appeal to younger drivers.