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But surely Freddie has a crock of gold of stashed somewhere?
Freddie replied: "Unfortunately not, sometimes it turns out it is not a crock of gold, merely a crock.
Does he think there is a crock of gold at the end of the rainbow providing the cash?
I've never won a Crock of Gold stage, mainly because most of the horses I have are younger and less experienced," she said.
Is this the same man who promised a crock of gold at the end of the rainbow?
Marcovicci stars as a romance-minded Irish lass whose world gets flipped when she and her father steal a crock of gold from a leprechaun.
If he was asked to choose between a crock of gold and a crock of you know what, he'll always go for the latter.
Every meeting will feature a Crock of Gold stage, unless marked with an asterix *.
Bats and shirts fell to the corporate branding machine years ago but Vaughan, who had a knee operation five weeks ago, obviously knows he's a crock of gold.
ADOLF Hitler's dinner plate is set to become a crock of gold after being found in a British collector's dusty attic.
A crock of gold awaits her as international companies queue up to have the high- profile athlete endorse their products in sponsorship deals.