a creature of habit

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creature of habit

One who prefers the comfort and reliability of routine and habitual behavior. My brother is far too much a creature of habit to be up for something like backpacking across Europe. I know we're told to shuck our routines and live spontaneously, but I'm a creature of habit—it's just easier when you know exactly how each day will pan out.
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a creature of ˈhabit

a person who always does certain things at certain times: My grandfather is a real creature of habit — he likes his meals at the same time every day.
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Behavioural psychologist, Jo Hemmings, said: "Over a third of Brits (35%) said that being a creature of habit was just a part of life, and familiarity can be very comforting.
Behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings explained: "Over a third of Brits (35 per cent) said that being a creature of habit was just a part of life, and familiarity can be very comforting."
In the achievement of these goals, I have to remember that I am essentially a creature of habit. I perform various acts without deciding consciously which act to perform next.
MY WIFE always says that I am a creature of habit and I suppose I am because, for the best part of 40 years, after my evening meal I settle in my armchair to read the Birmingham Mail from cover to cover.
The mind is a creature of habit. "Habits of Mind: Across the Curriculum" is a guide for understanding the philosophy behind the mind and its subconscious practices.
Ms Cooper said: "She's a very sweet-natured girl and she's also a creature of habit. She's not someone that's spontaneous and would just flit off somewhere so the whole thing is totally out of character for her."
Are you a creature of habit? Do you find that your life is routine in many ways?
IN THE LINE OF FIRE What to do if your friend is a creature of habit and launches into a "listen to this one"?
Mr Fraser, 48, is said to be a creature of habit who followed the same routine every day.