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vulgar slang An erection.

chub up

1. slang To become noticeably overweight. The actor had to chub up for the role, putting on nearly 40 extra pounds.
2. vulgar slang To begin getting an erection.
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1. adjective Somewhat fat; having plump features. I love going to the beach, but I'm afraid I'm going to look chubby in this swimsuit.
2. noun, vulgar slang An erection.
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n. an erection. (Usually objectionable.) He always gets a chubby when he doesn’t need it and never when he does.


See chubby
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Facultative associates rarely congregated on chub nests; only a single blacknose dace was observed on a chub nest but did not spawn or appear to consume eggs.
Club treasurer Dave Oxley came fourth with a chub and two grayling for 5lb 2oz from peg 31 along the island, but losing a chub at the net proved costly.
The last of the Hereford Opens on the Wye at Belmont saw the anglers pegged around the rowing club having a chub bonanza.
The Tees has produced a few fish in the lower reaches before ice made angling very difficult, and Ian Wood fishing the Swale earlier this month caught a pike of 11lb 3oz on smelt, then a chub on breadflake, and then lost a pike of around 8lb which incredibly picked up breadflake bait meant for chub.
"Once you get a bass in a chub pond, you can lose the entire population."
Anybody wanting to catch a chub should be heading for the River Dane anywhere downstream of Congleton to sections such as Swettenham, Holmes Chapel, through Middlewich and on until the tiny, twisting river joins the Weaver at Northwich.
On your next visit to England take your tackle and try for a chub and a shark-like barbel.
"Last winter, I didn't really fish anywhere else, but I was cheered up when I was told that an angler had caught a chub of 6lb 15oz from the same water.
Using his favoured stickfloat method on peg 50 above the run-off to Clay Bough, he presented red maggot down the middle of the river and caught nine grayling and a chub for a winning 8lb 3oz.
Although missing out on the silverware, Gwyn Davies had the two best fish - a 2.5lb perch and a chub one ounce under 5lb.
The British record for a chub is a fish of 9lb 5oz caught by Andy Maker from an undisclosed stillwater in 2007.
He added a chub on luncheon meat ledgered between bushes to total 11lb for third.
Clive Hill caught 101 dace and a chub to finish in second place with a weight of 16lb 1oz.
And of the 17 anglers on the Idle and Thackley water at Maunby, only one weighed in - a chub of 3oz.
The Pairs Cup was at stake in the second match and when Colin Kruger put six chub weighing 23lb 1oz on the scales and his fishing partner Ken Lynham added a chub and a grayling for 4lb 9oz so the cup was theirs.