a chill runs down (one's) spine

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a chill runs down (one's) spine

A shudder is felt down one's back, due to either fear, anticipation, nervousness, or excitement. A chill runs down my spine every time I walk by that creepy old house. I felt a chill run down my spine at the thought of my exam tomorrow. I'm sorry, but every time you remind me that your pet tarantula is in the next room, a chill runs down my spine.
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a ˈchill runs/goes down somebody’s spine


send a ˈchill up/down somebody’s spine

feel, or make somebody feel, horror and fear: When I read the details of the murder, a chill ran down my spine.The picture sent a chill up my spine. ▶ ˈspine-chilling adj.: a spine-chilling horror novel
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