a cheap skate

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a cheap skate

Someone who is reluctant to spend money. Oh, he'll never pay for a fancy hotel suite like that—he's a real cheap skate.
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cheap skate

A stingy person, as in He's a real cheap skate when it comes to tipping. This idiom combines cheap (for "penurious") with the slang usage of skate for a contemptible or low individual. It has largely replaced the earlier cheap John. [Slang; late 1800s]
See also: cheap, skate


n. a miserly person; a very cheap person. (see also piker.) A 5 percent tip! What a cheapskate!
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Because stashing money in the bank is a cheapskate's go-to move, it's a winning feature.
"I'm actually such a cheapskate, but all my friends are cool about it.
Liz called me a cheapskate yesterday after catching me buying a 49p Valentine's card from Asda.
DEFENCE Minister Willie O'Dea returned from a trip to Liberia on Friday facing accusations of being a cheapskate.
Quite honestly, it seemed a cheapskate thing to do.
MEANWHILE, Take That's Mark Owen has admitted he's a bit of a cheapskate. The singer wore an expensive looking jacket during a visit to Radio One - and then revealed he got it cheap on eBay The singer said: "It's really good and had never been worn.
"People suspect I am a cheapskate. They know I get a discount - but I usually spend more anyway."
Ryanair may offer cheap fares, but they are also fast building a reputation as a cheapskate.