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A CARDBOARD city is to be created in Middlesbrough's Centre Square as part of a major arts project.
"We have talked about how to raise awareness in school and have come up with the idea of Ella camping out in a cardboard city, made up of cardboard boxes, on the grass over the dinner hour."
A cardboard city will close a Birmingham street later this month when hundreds of people brave the elements to support young homeless people.
Warnings that Birmingham faces a cardboard city of homeless people sleeping on the streets by Christmas have been dismissed as "absolute bunkum".
Coun Rev Richard Bashford (Lab Quinton) said the fact Birmingham was the only great city in the country without a cardboard city was because of the council's enlightened and practical policies for dealing with the problem.
It urges the council to pressurise the Government to introduce greater flexibility in the regulations so that Birmingham does not end up with a cardboard city.