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flip burgers

1. Literally, to cook hamburgers, typically but not always as part of one's job at a fast food restaurant. (Cooking hamburgers often includes flipping them on a grill or flat top to ensure each side is cooked.) I spend all day flipping burgers, so I'm never in the mood to eat them when I'm not at work. Joe's out back flipping some burgers on the grill. If you're hungry, I can tell him to throw another one on.
2. By extension, to work at a job that is low-paying, monotonous, has few opportunities for advancement, and is below one's potential. If the phrase refers to a hypothetical job, it does not have to be limited to fast food. However, this phrase is not usually used to refer to an actual job if that job does not involve fast food or literally cooking hamburgers. I know you need cash, but I think you should focus your energy on finding a solid job rather than picking up a few bucks flipping burgers. A lot of people look down on flipping burgers, but that's where I started, and I've worked my way up to regional manager.
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1. A beef patty, typically served on a bun. A shortening of "hamburger." I'm just going to get a burger with fries.
2. By extension, a patty made from another substance (which is usually included in the sandwich's name, such as a "veggie burger" or "turkey burger"), also typically served on a bun. I know you don't eat meat, so I made sure to pick a place with a great veggie burger.

nothing burger

Something completely insignificant, especially that which was previously hyped or promised to be very significant. The pundits have been rehashing this for months, but it's a total nothing burger. Don't worry, his allegations are a complete nothing burger—I wasn't even in the office that day.
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n. a hamburger sandwich; a hamburger patty. You ready for another burger?


n. a lowly hamburger cook in a fast-food restaurant. (see also hole digger.) If you drop out of school now, you’ll end up being a burger-flipper for the rest of your life.

flipping burgers

tv. cooking hamburger patties in a fast food restaurant as an occupation that school drop outs end up doing. (An occupation that offers practically no opportunities for advancement.) Do you want to spend the rest of your life flipping burgers! Do your damn homework!
See also: burger, flip
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