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Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana has admitted that he has thrice provided a bum steer, albeit unintended, to the media about the end of the crisis here.
So fair suck of the sav, mate; a steer is a direction, guide or tip, and a bum is rather self-evident, so a bum steer is simply "bad advice."
A MOTORIST with a chronic fear of bridges and tunnels got a bum steer when his satnav directed him to the Dartford Crossing - which has both.
LOOKS as if someone gave Art Garfunkel's wife a bum steer when she bought this frayed frock.
One reason why earlier research may have given physicians a bum steer on the diet/ADHD connection is that foods now considered to be a concern were not eliminated in the earlier diets tested: milk, chocolate, wheat, rye, corn, citrus, legumes and eggs.
Cheeky Paul Gascoigne gives team-mate Paul Ince a bum steer during England Under- 21's World Cup opener in Moldova yesterday.
May nagbulong doon, may nagbulong doon na kung ano, ganoon yun (I think it is clear that it was a bum steer. Someone has informed him).
I am not dim, I have travelled a lot and I speak a number of languages, but I was utterly baffled by the meaning of ".....give 'em a wrap and they give you a bum steer ...."
Members of South Sefton Primary Care Trust didn't want to give people a bum steer - so they checked with the public before they unleashed a proposed health poster (pictured bottom, if you'll excuse the pun).
However, with apparent contempt for Pleat's comments, Hoddle said: ``If someone wants to give you a bum steer, then so be it.