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Here's my solution: I know there's still some fellow "old guys" like me out there haunting the parks and street spots, and as the paternal figures of said social hierarchy, it is our responsibility to grab our balls, grab a brewski, and mold these confused little guys into bona-fide teeth-gnashin', bowl-schralpin', hell-raisin,' Motorhead-fueled mayhem makers like they were meant to be.
Phyllis Smallman (author); A BREWSKI FOR THE OLD MAN; McArthur & Company (Mystery) $19.95 ISBN: 9781552788363
This is the conundrum explored in A Brewski for the Old Man, author Phyllis Smallmanas latest Sherri Travis mystery.
Browse the selection at Terminal C's Brooks Brothers store and grab a brewski at Terminal A's Budweiser Brew House before boarding your plane.
The audience loved the Beer Garden Guys, who rated the best places to enjoy a brewski outdoors during the Windy City's brief summer.
Caption: MAKE A BREWSKI RUN FOR CORONA/CORONA LIGHT--Corona's "Make A Brewski Run" 2003-04 merchandising materials are designed to "bring an avalanche of sales and lifts profits to a whole new altitude," according to importer Barton Beers of Chicago.