a breathing space

breathing space

1. A sufficient buffer of time or space that allows for freedom of movement or relief from a given source of pressure or stress. My yearly bonus always affords us a little bit of breathing space for the Christmas expenses. Please move back and give us some of breathing space here. The professor extended the deadline for our midterm papers, so I've got a bit of breathing space to get it finished.
2. A pause to rest or to think over something. Give me a minute, I just need a little breathing space while I figure this out.
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a ˈbreathing space

a time for resting between two periods of effort; pause: This holiday will give me a bit of breathing space before I start my new job.
See also: breathing, space
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I took a breathing space, set my teeth, and again grappled fiercely, wrist and knee, with the machine.
"It's a recovery project so it is not always easy for them but it is giving them a breathing space and helping them."