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The man, as a matter of fact, under no circumstances, ever cared a brass farthing for what I or anybody else in his ship thought.
Pleased and happy as a brass farthing," he added, stopping to shake hands with a handsome gentleman of the bedchamber of colossal proportions.
You won't pay a brass farthing for your Court of Appeal bid.
Bake Off judge Prue Leith calls for an end to the show's crummy jokes Not a brass farthing Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg is asked during a radio phone-in how much money we owe the EU It's a rock and roll thing - you rock and roll Wildman Ozzy Osbourne talks about his turbulent marriage to long-suffering wife Sharon
If you didn't care, you "didn't give a brass farthing.
Their attitude throughout was that they were not going to pay Mr Hendricks a brass farthing," said the judge.
Next day, The Sporting Life's headline read "Not a Brass Farthing for winner backers.
Seeing as Max doesn't have a brass farthing to his name, his financial predicament is soon revealed to Tanya, who is so horrified she threatens to leave him - again.
However, if and when you do get a genuine big win at bingo, I hope you won't give a brass farthing to that grasping sister of yours.
My own business was one of those that lost a few hundred pounds when Mr Michaelson's companies collapsed and to date we have not seen even a brass farthing in dividend.
Given a chance, they wouldn't have paid a brass farthing for the woeful first-half fare.
Not a brass farthing for American Ballet Theatre or, say, Ruth Page in Chicago.
She remarked that I work as hard as most councillors and also work at least 20 to 30 hours per week without receiving a brass farthing.
AS AN independent on-course bookmaker with no shops I have not laid a brass farthing on a horse at Cheltenham yet.
To Geoff Hoon and his cronies a dead petty officer's family aren't worth a brass farthing.