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I can borrow a dime from the barber, an' I got enough junk to hock for a blowout.
After the declaration of state of emergency, NIDC quickly dispatched a blowout prevention team to the place," he said, adding that Fath drilling equipment were used for securing the well.
Computed tomography confirmed the presence of a blowout fracture of the inferior wall of the left orbit.
The State of Alaska's drilling rules were very strong even before Macondo--stronger that the federal government's--and a detailed post-Macondo review of regulations by the AOGCC and outside experts revealed no major flaws except in one area, a specific requirement for a plan to control a blowout, according to Kathy Foerster, another AOGCC Commissioners.
The rig's crew activated a blowout preventer seconds before the blowout began.
CANFORD CLIFFS Mel Cullinan (Spotlight) Blowout Looked superb when running away with last year's Coventry at Royal Ascot, but lost his unbeaten record at Deauville next time and has to go down as a blowout after failing at odds-on on his reappearance at Newbury last week.
If gas emerging from the hole reaches atmospheric pressure at the top and starts to vent, a blowout could result in death and destruction, not to mention irreparable environmental damage.
A blowout preventer is intended to shut off a well if oil or gas uncontrollably rushes to the top.