a bite at/of the cherry

a bite of the cherry

A good opportunity that isn't available to everyone. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Jason heard about a new investment opportunity that has the potential to be very profitable. He definitely wants a bite of the cherry.
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a bite at the cherry

an attempt or chance to do something.
This phrase is often used in the negative, to express the idea that you will not get a second chance (a second bite at the cherry ). If you take two attempts to do something, especially some quite small task, this is taking two bites at the (same ) cherry or another bite at the cherry .
See also: bite, cherry

a bite at/of the ˈcherry

(also a second/another bite at/of the ˈcherry) (British English) an opportunity to do something, or a second attempt at doing something, especially something you have failed to do earlier: They all wanted a bite of the cherry.We’ve lost that contract with the German firm and we probably won’t get another bite at the cherry.
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