a big noise

a big noise

An important, successful, or influential person. Did you hear that Kelly got promoted to senior analyst? She's a big noise now. I like being a big noise here, so why would I move to New York City? Wow, with 30 goals on the year so far, he's really becoming a big noise, huh?
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a big ˈname/ˈnoise


a ˈbig shot

(informal) an important person: ‘What does Ian’s dad do?’ ‘Oh, he’s a big shot in the City.’ OPPOSITE: small fry
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big noise

1. n. an important person. If you’re such a big noise, why don’t you get this line moving?
2. n. the important current news; the current scandal. There’s a big noise up on Capitol Hill. Something about budget cuts.
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Sistema chief executive Nicola Killean said:"Peter has been a true asset to the organisation since he joined us in 2009, and I am positive he has the passion, experience and ambition we need to embark upon our next ten years of making a Big Noise in communities across Scotland."
Organisers of the Cardiff Festival summer celebration are hoping that the audience of 10,000 will take part in Make a Big Noise, which will be recorded and played to world leaders at the World Summit for Sustainable Development in South Africa this summer.
Craig Owen, Oxfam Cymru campaigns co-ordinator, said: ``Whilst enjoying ourselves at the MAS Carnival, I hope that people will remember that we can all act to make the world a more equitable and sustainable place and, by making a Big Noise, remind world leaders that trade can be a powerful tool to combat poverty.''
Members of the audience were each presented with a colourful kazoo and invited to join the young Big Noise musicians in performing a piece called the Hello Song - one of the first songs that children learn when they join a Big Noise programme.